Chinese Fellowships

Staying Connected


Fellowships form the backbone of Chinese Church of Iowa City. Staying connected in a small community helps us build meaningful friendships that extend beyond our service gatherings.

Our fellowships generally meet weekly or bi-weekly at various venues and times throughout Iowa City. You are welcome to join us!

Timothy Group

Fridays 7:15PM | Group Leader: Michael Liman

The Timothy Group, also known as the Chinese Student Christian Fellowship (CSCF), is a campus organization at the University of Iowa. We gather weekly to study the Bible, share stories, pray together, and hold holiday parties and special events. We welcome all students on campus, young adults, or whoever has a young heart to join our fellowship. Let’s learn about God, and experience the abundant life that God has prepared for us in Jesus Christ.

Peace Group

Fridays 7:15PM | Group Leader: Sean Wang

The Peace Group is composed of families with children in kindergarten or elementary schools. Our fellowship focuses on applying biblical truth into our life. We learn how to cope with stresses, challenges, or difficulties in our life based on the Bible.

New Life Group

Fridays 7:15PM | Group Leader: Dingwu Shao

The New Life Group welcomes all Christians who are pursuing spiritual growth in God’s words. We study the Bible, discuss life issues, testify God’s grace in our life, and pray for each other. We welcome you to join our group so that we would live in Jesus Christ as one to testify God, live out God’s calling, and live life with eternal hope.

Happy Family Group

Fridays 7:15PM | Group Leader: Wugen Dai

The Happy Family Group focuses on relationships between family members. We aim to build a joyful family within which parents have a harmonious relationship with each other and with their children based on the Bible truth. We welcome families who are willing to live out God’s will as a family.

Joshua Group

Fridays 7:15PM | Group Leader: Leon Qiao

The Joshua Group welcomes all Christians and nonbelievers. We would like to invite you to join our group to know Jesus Christ, learn God’s salvation, experience God’s grace, so that we will become the soldiers of Christ.

Cedar Rapids Group

Fridays 7:15PM | Group Leader: Jun Yang

The Cedar Rapids Group welcomes everyone in the Cedar Rapids area to join our Bible study to experience the grace of Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.